Can we get customized sweets boxes online?

Yes, You can order customized sweet boxes online.

What are the charges of 1 kg sweets?

Our sweets starts from 620/kg

Can we order snacks(Nimkos) and baked items online?

We are delivering everything except our cakes

Will payment be refunded if the order is cancelled?

Yes, payment will be refunded in order of cancellation within 24 hours

. What are the delivery charges?

Delivery charges are applicable on orders below the minimum order value. You may proceed to checkout for delivery charges details.

Which meer sweets & bakers outlet is near me?

Visit “Contact Us” on our website to find a nearby outlet of MEER SWEETS & BAKERS.

How long will my order take to arrive?

Upon submitting your order, you will receive a confirmation call. Once your order details are verified, your order will be delivered to you

What are my payment options?

We accept all Visa and Mastercard powered credit cards. For orders originating in Pakistan, you may additionally pay via jazz cash or by visiting any of our bakery outlets

What are the charges for fondant cake?

Custom Cakes including Fondant Cakes and Print-A-Cake are charged at Rs. 950 per pound with a minimum size/weight of 4 pounds (lbs.).

What is instant bake?

Instant Baked by MEER SWEETS & BAKERS is a unique concept of baking our products at the outlet using innovative technology in bakery. This helps in serving your favorite snacks right out of the oven when you pick it.

Do I get fresh baked products on delivery?

At MEER SWEETS & BAKERS, we value freshness and every time you hold a MEER SWEETS & BAKERS product, it is freshly produced just a few minutes before you enjoy it.

. What’s the hygiene standard at meer sweets & bakers?

MEER SWEETS & BAKERS cares for your health and safety. We make sure to keep our manufacturing units, kitchens and outlets clean by using food grade cleaning material and also following continuous hygiene food safety procedures.

. Do you make personalized cakes?

Yes, we can make customized cakes to suit your requirement. Please visit the custom cake shop section of our website or contact us on 0304-111-MEER(6337) to place your order.

Can we have writing on the cake?

Yes, you can input a personalized message in the textbox before checkout. Cakes with flat tops can have a message written directly on the cake otherwise they are inscribed on the cake board.

Do you make sugar-free cakes?

Sorry, we do not make sugar-free cakes.

How long is required to make a custom cake?

We require:

  • 24 hours for custom cakes with sugar icing
  • 48 hours for cakes with fondant decoration

How long will cakes keep fresh?

Our cakes should be stored under refrigerated conditions between +2°C and +5°C, unless stated otherwise. This is due to the perishability of the ingredients that we use to make our cakes; it will also help maintain the quality of the product. Our cakes should be consumed within three days from the date of collection /delivery or by the best before date on the underside of the cake board.

When will my order be delivered?

We use TCS overnight services and orders will be delivered next day if the orders will be placed before 5PM.

Is there a delivery charge?

Yes, we charge 150/KG.

. Where should any prospective job inquiries/applications be directed to?

Please email your resume at

How do I place an order?

You may ADD your favorite products to CART and click on Checkout. On the payment page, select your payment method and confirm your order.

What are the delivery charges?

Delivery charges are applicable on orders below the minimum order value. You may proceed to checkout for delivery charges details.

What is the return & exchange policy?

  1. MEER SWEETS & BAKERS serves fresh bakery and snacks from your nearest outlet. Keeping strict quality checks on our products and finished goods, MEER SWEETS & BAKERS is always ears to your feedback.
  2. We will accept any spoiled, unsatisfactory items/products for an exchange within 24 hours of ordering.
  3. Goods are not accepted for a claim without an invoice, keep your invoice handy.
  4. Food items opened and consumed cannot be replaced or exchanged. In case of an issue with the product, only packed goods will be exchanged upon receiving.
  5. In case of exchange or refund, delivery charges will not be refunded.
  6. For further queries about exchanges and returns, please contact us at


  1. We take pride in our products. If you are unhappy with your order and/or purchase, immediately notify us (within 48 hours) of your concern and we will cancel your order. We will give you credit for the amount returned for use toward a future purchase. All refunds will be provided as a credit to the credit card used or an in-store credit.